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Research Environment


Music and Science, Music as Culture and Making Music are umbrella terms that we use to identify research activity within the School of Music. Under these general headings a number of areas of research expertise can be seen to interact in the production of an exciting and innovative research culture. Staff pursue research and provide PhD supervision in the following areas: composition, performance, film music, music technology (history and development, computing, multimedia, musical instruments), music psychology, historical and critical musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music and culture, music and literature, music journalism, music business, music education, and music and wellbeing (health, environment, sustainability).

Research Clusters

The shared interests of the School’s researchers has, in some instances, led to the formation of research clusters, demonstrating interaction between staff who, primarily, make music, study music as culture, or investigate the science of music. The Research Clusters provide a creative academic context for PhD student supervision, collaborative research and impact building, and they also identify key themes within our research portfolio:

Composition (Cooper, Iddon, McLaughlin, Mooney, Sapiro, Scott, Spencer, Stefani)

Music and Cultural Difference: Parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and North America (Cooper, Dawe, Iddon, Muir, Scott)

Music Technology: History, Application and Design (Cooper, McLaughlin, McLean, Mooney, Ng, Schampaert, Stefani)

Music and Wellbeing: Health, Environment and Society (Burland, Dawe, Greasley)

Popular Music: History, Industry and Performance (Allis, Burland, Dawe, Greasley, Iddon, McLaughlin, Sapiro, Schampaert, Scott, Spencer, Warner)

The following long-standing research clusters provide for two further centres of excellence:

English Music (Allis, McClelland, White) (LUCEM)

Historically-Informed Performance (Brown, Muir, White) (LUCHIP)

Research Centres

The School of Music is host to the following Centres:

Centre for Scientific Research in Music (Burland, Cooper, Greasley, McLean, Mooney, Ng, Windsor) http://www.leeds.ac.uk/icsrim/

Centre for Practice-Led Research in the Arts (Iddon, McLaughlin, Mooney, Spencer, Stefani)

University Research Centres

Centre for African Studies (hosted by the School of Politics and International Studies and includes Dawe and Muir)

Popular Cultures Research Network (hosted by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and includes Scott, Warner, Dawe)

We are linked to other institutions facilitated by the White Rose and Worldwide Universities networks, grants from UK and European partners, RCUK, and the University’s creative partnership with Opera North (DARE). Music is also part of the University’s Transformation Fund initiative – The Culture, Society and Industry Hub

Key Contacts

Dr Mic Spencer, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation, School of Music, University of Leeds

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