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MA Critical and Applied Musicology

This course enables you to pursue your interests in historical or theoretical areas of musicology under the guidance of experts in the field, in preparation for employment or doctoral research.


This MA offers a foundation in contemporary musicological thought, opportunities to develop specialised editorial, archival, critical and theoretical skills, and the chance to produce a significant piece of focused work in a musicological area of your choice. A particularly distinctive feature of the course is the emphasis on approaches associated with ‘critical’ or ‘new musicology’ as it has developed since the 1990s, balancing more traditional areas of historical research – something reflected in the research specialisms of the course staff.

Your major project will take the form of a dissertation on a specific aspect of historical or critical musicology, or a piece of applied musicological work in the form of an editorial project, and you will define and focus your topic in consultation with one of our expert staff. You will also have the opportunity to pursue an optional module in music psychology, composition, performance, or electronic and computer music.

The course provides a logical progression from undergraduate music courses, and will equip you with a range of skills desired by employers and of value for further research at MPhil/PhD level.

Key Staff

Dr Matthew Pritchard (Programme Leader)
Research Interests: History of modern music aesthetics, especially in Germany; History of (esp. motivic) analysis and theories of melody; Music of Bengal

Prof. Derek Scott
Research Interests: Music, Culture, and Society; Music, Cultural History, and Ideology; Popular Music in Europe and North America 1780 to the present; Music in the Metropolis; Music, Nationalism, and Imperialism

Dr Bryan White
Research Interests: English music and opera of the 17th and 18th centuries; English odes, especially St Cecilia’s Day odes; Critical editing of Music; Opera and operatic performance; Michael Tippett; Choral literature, training

Prof. Martin Iddon
Research Interests: New Music after 1945; Aesthetics; Composition

Other contributing staff offer research specialisms in areas including popular music, jazz, film music, analysis, the supernatural in music, topic theory, music and gender, Russian music, Jewish music, and the musicology of technology. See all of our staff here.

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