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International students

Students from all over the world come to Leeds to study in the School of Music.  We pride ourselves in providing a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment for our international students and aim to make their time here as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.  The University of Leeds has excellent support services to provide international students with any help, advice and information they may need. Please visit the international student pages to find out more.  Help is available with visa and immigration matters, scholarships, accommodation and travel.

The Language Centre offers general English and academic English pre-sessional programmes throughout the year. A pre-sessional programme is a beneficial way for international students to progress to taught postgraduate degrees, research degrees and the International Foundation year at the University of Leeds. Find out more about language courses here.

The School of music has an extremely international profile, with over 100 international activities during a typical academic year. We regularly send undergraduate students abroad to study, and welcomed a number of exchange students into the School. Our undergraduates completed international placements in Ghana, Brussels, and Ecuador during recent Year in Industry placements.

Staff write and edit articles and books for publication in America, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Australia and Sweden, and collaborate with colleagues in Europe, North America, and Australia on research and conferences papers.

Research, conference and workshop visits were recently made to India, Australia, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Portugal, the USA, Austria, Kazakhstan and Sweden for scholarship and conference presentations, and we welcomed researchers and teachers from Korea, China, Spain and the USA.

More than £3.5 million in research funding has been recently awarded for worldwide projects; see our research pages for more details.

New staff compositions have been premiered in France, Ireland and the USA, and there were over 60 events in our International Concert Series, some of which are available to an international audience through our concerts website.  Our staff members act as referees, examiners, judges, committee members and advisors in Belgium, Europe, USA, Singapore, the UK and Denmark. Future academic collaboration includes programme development, research and student exchange with Auckland and Monash Universities, among others.

Exchange students coming to Leeds – module choice advice: modules marked “e” are generally open to all students, whether or not they have studied music at University level in the past, and are designed with non-specialists in mind. If you are accepted to a study abroad place at Leeds, it is likely we can accept you on these modules, subject to enrolment numbers.

Access to other modules (particularly those marked “isa”), is possible, but please consult the School of Music about making these module choices. These modules are designed for students with prior experience at an appropriate level in particular areas of study (for example students on music programmes at their home institution, music majors, or equivalent prior experience).

Access to performance modules (solo instrumental or vocal study, some forms of ensemble study), composition and music technology can be possible for those with prior experience at the appropriate level. You will need to submit a recording of your playing or singing, or a portfolio of composition or technology work in order to be considered. This can be done by sending a CD, or including a link to a recording made available online (some applicants use Youtube, Vimeo or other upload tools; please clearly label any recording you make available both in your application and in the particular media you use). The same applies to composition or technology work, with any scores or documentation in easily readable format (eg PDF) as an email attachment if file size is reasonable. Our performance, composition and technology modules are designed for specialist music students and assessed accordingly. Ensemble opportunities are subject to individual placement. From your application and recording, we will assess suitability and level. Please contact j.n.fairley@leeds.ac.uk/ School of Music, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, England for further information.


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