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Amelie Addison

Amélie is a baroque cellist and a part-time PhD candidate investigating the life and compositions of William Shield (1748-1829), in particular his use of Scottish, Irish and other 'national airs'.

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Qais Alghanem

Joanne Armitage

PhD Candidate

Research interests in technology enhanced performance and interactions. Live coder, improviser, composer and synthesist.

Lab 1, ICSRiM

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Richard Barrett

PhD candidate in composition

Composer and performer involved in notated, electronic and/or improvisatory musics and particularly in developing new combinations and trajectories between them.

Kate Blackstone

Kate Blackstone

PhD Candidate in Music Psychology

Kate's research focuses on students leaving conservatoires and music college, exploring the trials and tribulations of building a music career post-graduation.

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Beatrice Bretherton

Beatrice is studying for a full-time PhD under the supervision of Dr Luke Windsor and Professor James Deuchars. Her research focuses on exploring the influence of music on autonomic control of the heart.

Hazel Brooks

Hazel Brooks

Claire Castle

Ya-Chu Chang

James Clarke

Anne-Marie Czajkowski

Anne-Marie Czajkowski

Graduate Research Student

Anne-Marie Czajkowski is a PhD student studying the effects of Mindfulness on Musicians in a variety of contexts.

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Alex de Little

I’m interested in the relationship between music and space, and how the behaviour of sound in space might be perceived as or made musical. I’m also interested in the way that human beings listen and how this links in with the musical experience.

My PhD is supervised by Dr Scott McLaughlin and Professor Martin Iddon. I hold an M.Mus in composition and a BA in music from the same university.

I work with composer and percussionist Greta Eacott on managing a small record label called One Take Records. The aim of the label is to document the music of interesting non-commercial artists, who may not otherwise have their work recorded. We record artists in interesting sonic spaces, both inside and outside. 

I also work for Liverpool-based Indian arts organisation, Milapfest, who run Britain’s two national Indian youth orchestras.


Susan Donelly

I am currently HE Pathway Leader for music and Music Technology at University Campus, Barnsley. My main areas of interest as a freelance arts worker and researcher are in community music and therapeutic song writing and performance, particularly within the women's refuge setting.

/ ,07980 487716
School of Music

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John Fallas

PhD candidate in musicology

Writer on contemporary music, researching (inter)disciplinary conceptions of genre and applying them to a selection of post-1980 string quartets and (anti-)concertos under the rubric 'Afterlives of Genre: genre disguised, genre fragmenting, genre living on'.

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Manuel Farolfi

Sarah Hall

PhD Candidate

Sarah is a PhD candidate in the School of Music.  She is a film musicologist currently working on the Trevor Jones archive that has been donated to the University of Leeds, and is especially interested in researching music for television.

/ s.a.hall@leeds.ac.uk
PG Office 2.15

Paul Hession

Paul Hession

Paul Hession is a drummer working in jazz and free improvisation. His research interests are the augmentation of the drum set with analogue and digital electronics, particularly in a solo context.

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Sylvia Jen

PhD Candidate in Music Psychology

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Leeds under the tutelage of Dr. Karen Burland and Dr. Luke Windsor. My research centres on understanding how to improve entrepreneurship education for music students in the higher education sector. In particular, I am delving into the perspectives of undergraduate music students to understand what deters or contributes to their interest in entrepreneurship, and how it could ultimately inform best practice. I am being funded by the Leeds International Research Scholarship (LIRS).

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Matsumi Kanemitsu-Nagasawa

Georgia Katsiroumpa

Having completed her MMus Performance degree at the University of Leeds, Georgia is now working towards her part-time PhD, with Drs Michael Allis and Steve Muir, on the solo songs of Dion Arivas Attikos (1928-2000).

Ryan Kirkbride

PhD Candidate in Music Psychology and Computer Science

Ryan is studying for a White Rose College of Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH) funded PhD in Music Psychology coupled with Computer Science as part of the WRoCAH network researching expressive non-verbal communication in ensemble performance.

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Colleen Lloyd

PhD Candidate

Colleen's research focuses on the impact of sponsorship on the UK music festival sector and the dialogical relationship of art and commerce within popular music consumption. She is supervised by Dr Karen Burland Clark and Dr Edward Venn.

Martin Loridan

Sarah Mawby

PhD Candidate in Music Psychology

Sarah's research explores how music education and music therapy are used in schools for children with special educational needs. She is co-supervised by Dr Karen Burland and Dr Alinka Greasley and her research is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the White Rose Consortium of Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH).

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Stuart Mellor

Caitlin Mockridge

Simon Morrison

PhD candidate in Musicology

Simon's part-time PhD is entitled 'Writing the beat" - secondary representations of electronic dance music culture in literature', supervised by Drs Simon Warner and Michael Allis. He is currently Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for Music Journalism at the University of Chester.

Alfia Nakipbekova

R Narayanan

MA by Research candidate in Musicology

Ramesh is pursuing an MA by Research with Dr Simon Warner. His topic is a study of the place of the road in the mythology of popular music, its position as both source of inspiration and as a symbol of deeper psychological meaning. He is also exploring the association of the road to the physical dissemination and distribution of music as the connecting structure in an established touring network.

Matthew Palfreyman

Jacob Randell

Samuel Ridout

Arne Sanders

Albini Saragu

Albini Saragu

PhD Candidate in Music Psychology

Being an educator and musician by interest, training and practice, Albini chose to pursue his PhD studies in the Applied Psychology of Music due to its relevance and wide application in Education, Music and Psychology. He holds a prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship which enables him to pursue his PhD project on “Designing Children’s Music Activities Using Multicultural Musical traditions” co-supervised by Dr. Karen Burland and Dr. Luke William Windsor. Through his PhD project Albini has been able to establish the current status of Music Education in Tanzania which forms a strong foundation to his study. He explores stakeholders’ views and attitudes towards the importance of music in different ethnic groups in Tanzania and the ways in which the variety of multicultural musical traditions and resources can be used in designing children’s music activities.

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Dorien Schampaert

Research Associate

Dorien Schampaert studied Art Science at the university of Ghent, Belgium (MA in musicology) and went on to do a teacher degree. Dorien is research associate at Leeds since 2011. She lectures in popular and world musics, analysis and electronic instruments, whilst working on a Ph.D on the Ondes Martenot.

/ 01133431211
School of Music, room 2.06
Office hours: Thursday 1.00-2.00pm

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Anne Stanyon

Craig Steer

Craig is studying a part-time PhD with Drs Luke Windsor and James Mooney on the topic of 'Aesthetic-empirical investigations of vocal production techniques and their identification by listeners'.

Jamie Stephenson

PhD Candidate

Jamie is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Music.  His PhD research is a philosophical inquiry into ontological matters of being and consciousness within the context of auditory perception and technology.

Daniel Tooke

PhD student in musicology attached to AHRC project 'Performing the Jewish Archive'

Daniel is undertaking research on Austro-German Jewish musicians of the 20th century exiled due to the rise of National Socialism.

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Timo Tuhkanen

Michelle Ulor

PhD student

Michelle is a PhD student exploring the use of voluntary musical imagery as an effective intervention for anxiety. Her project is supervised by Dr Freya Bailes and Professor Daryl O'Connor.

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Kate Haynes

PhD candidate in applied musicology

An active cellist, Kate is working towards her full-time, practice-led PhD, exploring the annotated editions of Frederic Grützmacher as an aid to historical performance. She is supervised by Prof Clive Brown and Dr Michael Allis.

Marc Yeats

Marc Yeats

PhD Candidate in Composition

I am a self employed composer of abstract contemporary classical music and visual artist with a catalogue of 180+ works, many published through Alexander Street Press and 29 years experience with commissions, performances and broadcasts internationally including the BBC Philharmonic, Tokyo City Philharmonic, Gerwaudhaus Radio Orchestra, Hallé Orchestra, Scottish Chamber Orchestra and BBC Radio. I also work as a GPS-triggered, user-mediated mobile app designer, installation producer, workshop leader and project manager with SATSYMPH LLP, have been an artistic assessor for Arts Council England, and have an interest in maintaining and promoting mental health and wellbeing, especially through active participation in the arts. I am represented for worldwide management as a composer by Noel Music Management.

Crewkerne, Somerset

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Symeon Yovev

PhD candidate in experimental composition

Symeon is a full-time practice-led PhD student involved in field-recording composition. Besides experimental music, his research interests include philosophy and anthropology.

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