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School of Music

Rodrigo Ramírez

Visiting Research Assistant


Twitter: @_yect

School of Music, room 1.12

Rodrigo is a Visual Arts – Digital Arts Masters student visiting from the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México” (UNAM) based in Mexico City.

During his visit here at the School of Music he is being mentored by Dr Alex McLean at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM). Rodrigo is continuing to develop his research on “codepoetry gap” which delves into reflection, suggesting “understand programming algorithms as a potential poetry”.


Rodrigo Ramirez born in 1988 in Mexico, in his teens create and collaborated in punk, folk and electronic or experimental music bands, later he studied Graphic Design and developed visual objects that were closely related to sound, currently interested in writting codepoetry, and the interrelation between sound and image; he has created a space for germinated ideas, which is called “yèct”. He is involved in live coding practice, which develops as part of his current research in the Master of Visual Arts at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Research in Music at the University of Leeds; also he created with hey oliver! an independent editorial and sonic label, called “lowfay”, which has released some albums and books in physical form and limited number. Rodrigo is part of a shoegaze folk duo band called oírairecaer, and computer music network duo band called “otú”; he has collaborated in creating algorithmic images for important livecoders, labels and musicians in Mexico as Mitamine Lab, Smell In Stereo, LiveCodeNet Ensamble, elamed, White Visitation and Mico Rex.

Research Interests
Reflection, production and creation of ideas about writing codepoetry.



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