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School of Music

Panos Kotsiopoulos

Bass Guitar

Panos was born in Athens, Greece and took his first steps with the electric bass in 2000. His musical taste was always diverse, including improvised music, electronic, classical, pop, jazz and rock genres. In 2002 he took up electric bass guitar lessons and aural training with Odysseas Konstantinopoulos. He was awarded a Diploma of classical theory in 2008 (Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue Diplomas from Viron Conservatoire), spent a university term in France in 2010 (Université Lumière, Lyon II, dept. de Musique et Musicologie) and holds a Music Degree from the University of Athens (Department of Music Studies, 2011). He recently completed his MMus Degree in Music Performance (University of Leeds, 2015).

Throughout and after his University years he studied jazz, mostly concentrating on improvisation, aural training, mainstream repertoire and contemporary performance. Between 2011-2013 he resided in Berlin where he undertook a state funded jazz foundation (Musikschule Charlotemburg-Wilmersdorf) while being an active member of the local jazz scene, a music tutor and a Gregorian Choir member.

He participated in a large number of seminars, workshops and music school classes including a seminar with Anthony Jackson, the 36th Berlin Choir Conducting Seminar and the Agder Folgenschule Jazz Camp in Norway. During the years of his studies, in Greece and in Germany, he worked as a music teacher and a bass player taking part in numerous recordings, and session performances. His future music aspirations include continuing to be an active member of the contemporary music scene, promoting his compositions, and working in music education.

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