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Martin Loridan

PhD Candidate in Composition

M. Loridan graduated from the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP). His research is an inquiry into the use of Souffle as a composition material.


Martin Loridan graduated from the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP). His catalog includes works for Orchestra as well as Solo, Chamber and Vocal music.

His works have been performed worldwide by the Arditti Quartet, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Klangforum Wien, Quatuor Tana, the ensembles l’Instant Donné, Mise-en, Soundinitiative, ECCE, and the soloists Claude Delangle, Claudio Pasceri, Yumi Suehiro.

He has been awarded prizes in several composition competitions, such as the Reinl-Prize (Vienna), the Vareler-Prize (Berlin), Prix André Jolivet (Paris).

He has been selected for international residencies and festivals such as Estovest (Turin), Mise-En Festival (New York), IMPULS (Graz), International Forum of New Music “Manuel Enriquez” (Mexico City).

His doctoral research (Title: Souffle: Air and breath as a composition material) aims to create new, extended and “hybrid” forms of souffle. His current projects include the composition of a cycle chamber pieces involving the use of amplification.

His research is funded by the “Leeds Doctoral Scholarship”.


Research Interests

Souffle as a new multi-dimension musical language

The usual translation of the French term souffle is breath. Indeed, souffle refers to the physical act of respiration, but it has also a wider sense: the one of movement of air and, by extension the one of the acoustic effect of the movement. It can also refer to its imitation (white noise) and describe a specific sound quality, including the share of “audible air” in the sound (souffle of the bow, souffle contained in a timbre).

The use of souffle opens up infinite possibilities. It can generate a new approach to extended techniques; it can be integrated into the timbre in controllable proportions and generate new types of sound colours and harmonic textures; it can be transformed through phonetics and instruments; it can be developed as a dynamic, percussive element. It can even become a force to stimulate vibration and resonance.

My project develops the potential of souffle as an acoustic and physical material, working toward its extension and hybridization and exploring its perception.

Extension develops the timbre and texture of souffle; hybridization develops combinations with naturally connected parameters and phenomena such as vibration, space, and resonance. Perception explores the double human-instrumental ambiguity of souffle.

Research Interests:

  • Breath/Air/Respiration
  • Gesture and/of Extended techniques
  • Vibration/resonance/space
  • Amplification
  • Lachenmann, Holliger, Sciarrino

Research Projects & Grants

Academic and professional Awards

  • André Jolivet Composition Prize (Paris, 2017)
  • ISCM World Music Days: selected, French section (Paris, 2017)
  • Leeds Doctoral Scholarship (University of Leeds, 2017)
  • Vareler Composition Prize: 1st prize (Berlin, 2016)
  • Trieste prize “Giampaolo Coral Award”: Finalist (Trieste, 2016)
  • ECCE Ensemble Composition Competition: Selected (Boston, 2016)
  • Sorodha Composition Competition: Twice Finalist (Antwerp, 2016 and 2014)
  • Arditti Quartet International Call for Works: Selected (London, 2014)
  • Klangforum Wien Call for Scores: Selected (Graz, 2014)
  • Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition: Winner (Pittsburgh, 2013)
  • Sobe Art Festival Composition Competition: 1st prize (Miami, 2013)
  • International Rachmaninov Composition Competition: 3rd Prize (Darmstadt, 2012)
  • Franz Josef Reinl-Stiftung Composition Competition: 2nd prize – No 1st prize awarded (Munich, 2011)

Selections for Festivals and Residencies

  • Institut Français de Tunisie – Villa Salammbô Residence programme. Tunis, September-October 2018.
  • EstOvest Festival: Featured Composer, Selected for Commission. Turin, October 2016
  • Mise-En Music Festival: Featured Composer, Selected for Commission. New York, June 2016
  • Sound Thought Festival: Featured Composer, Selected for commission. Glasgow, April 2016
  • International Forum of New Music Manuel Enriquez: Featured Composer. Mexico City, May 2014
  • Stony Brook premieres: Composer in Residence. Stony Brook University, New York, November 2013
  • Invitation to Composer project (funded by the European Union Culture Fund 2007 – 2013): Selected, Composer in Residence – Ensemble London Schubert Players. London, Paris, Bucharest, 2010-2011
  • Conservatoire of Bayonne: Composer in Residence. Bayonne, academic year 2008 – 2009

Professional Practice

Recent works and commissions

  • Cinq Figures Errantes, for amplified piano – commissioned by Ensemble Mise-En (New York, 2017)
  • Spectres d’ombre, for piano trio – commissioned by Festival Les Rencontres Inouïes (Paris, 2017)
  • String Quartet n°3 – commissioned by EstOvest Festival (Turin, 2016)
  • Jusqu’à l’afflux… for chamber ensemble – commissioned by Glasgow New Music Expedition (Glasgow, 2016)
  • String Quartet n°2 – commissioned by Quatuor Tana (Paris, 2016)
  • Whispering Spaces, for piano trio – commissioned by Kammermusiktage am Vareler Hafen (Berlin, 2015-2016)
  • Resonating gestures, for amplified piano – commissioned by Mise-en Music Festival (New York, 2015)
  • Souffle,Esquisse, for soprano and ensemble – commissioned by Soundinitiative (Paris, 2015)
  • Sarments d’espace, for large ensemble – commissioned by IMPULS Festival (Graz, 2015)

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