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Dorien Schampaert

Research Associate


School of Music, room 2.06

Office hours: Thursday 1.00-2.00pm


Dorien Schampaert studied Art Science at the university of Ghent, Belgium (MA in musicology) and went on to do a teacher degree. Dorien is Research Associate at Leeds since 2011. She lectures in popular and world musics, analysis and electronic instruments, whilst working on a Ph.D on the Ondes Martenot.


Dorien started an Art Science degree in 2005 at the university of Ghent, Belgium. She completed her MA, majoring in musicology, with a dissertation on sampling. She briefly taught music production contexts at the PHL University College as part of her teacher degree.

Dorien was a member of the Scala choir for a few years, and toured the Flemish theatres with the audiovisual production Send All Your Horses. These days, she is a live coder and performs at algoraves under the name Belisha Beacon.

Research Interests

The Ondes Martenot and other electronic instruments

History of technology

Gender and popular music

Electronic music


Undergraduate level

MUSS1120: Music Research Skills

MUSS2721: Music in Context

  • The Sixties: Music, Culture, Politics
  • The Tools of Music-Making

MUSS3040: Analysing Music

MUSS3130/31/32: Individual Project

MUSS3140: Major Dissertation

MUSS8000: Year in Industry

Taught Postgraduate level

MUSS5633M: Electronic and Computer Music Contexts

MUSS5162M: Masters dissertation


Year in Industry Coordinator

Educational Outreach Officer/Widening Participation Officer

PhD Thesis


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