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Professor Derek Scott

Professor of Critical Musicology

0113 34 32577

Office hours: Monday 4.00-5.00pm (Semester 2 only)


Derek B. Scott is Professor of Critical Musicology and researches into music, culture and ideology. He has a special interest in the historical sociology of popular music and music for the stage. His musical compositions range from music theatre to symphonies for brass band and a concerto for Highland Bagpipe. He has also worked professionally as a singer and pianist on radio and TV, and in concert hall and theatre.


Derek B. Scott is the author of The Singing Bourgeois (1989, R/2001), From the Erotic to the Demonic: On Critical Musicology (2003), Sounds of the Metropolis: The 19th-Century Popular Music Revolution in London, New York, Paris, and Vienna (2008), and Musical Style and Social Meaning (2010). He is the editor of Music, Culture, and Society: A Reader (2000), and The Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Musicology (2009). He has written numerous articles in which he has been at the forefront in identifying changes of critical perspective in the sociocultural study of music. He is the General Editor of Ashgate’s Popular and Folk Music Series (over 90 books published between 2000 and 2012), and Associate Editor of Popular Musicology Online. He was a founder member of the UK Critical Musicology Group in 1993 and organizer of their first major conference in 1995.

Research Interests

  • Music, Culture, and Society
  • Music, Cultural History, and Ideology
  • Popular Music in Europe and North America 1780 to the present
  • Music in the Metropolis (especially in London, New York, Paris, and Vienna)
  • Music, Nationalism, and Imperialism
  • Composition

Derek B. Scott’s earlier work examined the commercial popular songs of nineteenth-century Britain and America in the context of social class, nationalism, and imperialism. In later research, he develops methodologies and theoretical models for a critical musicological investigation of how ideology is embedded in musical styles. He concentrates on music’s relationship with leading social topics from the past two centuries: gender, sexuality, ethnicity, Orientalism, race, class, and the opposition of the sacred and profane.

Recent work has focused on cultural history, especially the rise of aesthetic antagonisms between the serious and the entertaining in metropolitan life. His argument is that a popular music revolution occurred in the nineteenth century, when popular styles first began to assert their distinctiveness. London, New York, Paris, and Vienna feature prominently as cities in which original forms of popular music arose, like the Viennese waltz and polka, blackface minstrelsy, operetta, café-concert, music hall, the black musical, ragtime, vaudeville, and cabaret. The legacy of that revolution is still with us today, and he has written on a variety of twentieth-century music, such as jazz, easy listening, musical comedy, operetta, and Britpop.


Current Modules

  • MUSS1020 Understanding Music
  • MUSS1030 Music in History and Culture
  • MUSS2721 Music in Context
  • MUSI 3140 Dissertation
  • MUSI 5060M Introduction to Musical Scholarship


Head of the School of Music (Aug. 2009 – Feb. 2013).



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Journal articles

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Research Projects & Grants

  • 2013  €1,061,762 ERC award for project “German Operetta in London and New York, 1907-1939: Cultural Transfer and Transformation”
  • 2012 £850 Music & Letters funding towards the Leeds Opera conference of Apr. 2012.
  • 2010 £1516 BA award for project “Song Performance in Early Sound Film.”
  • 2009 £3960 HEIF funding for project “Song at the Year’s End.”
  • 2008 €3000 from HERA for international workshop on urban cultural dynamics.
  • 2008 $2000 from Gustav Reese Foundation towards publication costs of Sounds of the Metropolis.
  • 2007 £32,348 from AHRC for research leave.
  • 2006 £1428 from British Academy for research in Vienna.
  • 2004 £219, 970 from ESF for a two-year Gender &Digitization project.
  • 2003 £6000 to fund two-month visiting research professorship.
  • 2002 £17,000 raised for a Bookeye scanner for Salford’s Brass Band Archive.
  • 1999 £12,000 from AHRB for research leave.
  • 1997 £168,000 of FDTL money to lead a project concerning strategies for the assessment of popular music performance. Two further extensions of funding of some £40,000 were obtained to extend the project by six months.
  • 1996 £4000 for an academic partnership research project (British Council and Norwegian Research Council).

Research Centres & Groups

Leeds University Centre for Opera Studies (LUCOS)

Popular Cultures Research Network (PCRN)

External Appointments

  • 2006–12 Adjunct Professor of Music, University of Aalborg, Denmark.
  • 1998– General Editor of the Popular &Folk Music Series (Aldershot: Ashgate, 1998 to present): 100 books published as of March 2013.
  • 2004 Member of International Editorial Board for Jazz Research Journal.
  • 2004 Member of International Advisory Board for Studia Musicologica Norvegica.
  • 1996–99 Member of Editorial Board of Critical Musicology Journal (StudyWeb award-winning internet journal).
  • 1994 Associate Editor of Popular Musicology, now Popular Musicology Online (1994 to present, ISSN 1357-0951): <http://www.popular-musicology-online.com/>
  • 2004 Chair and joint organizer of two workshops, Quality Standards &Enhancement Conference, UHI, Aviemore, Scotland, 2–3 September.
  • 2003–7 Chair of Academic Council for Rockschool examinations.
  • 2004–7 Member of AHRC Peer Review College.
  • 2005–7 Research project reviewer for  Agentúra pre podporu výskumu a vývoja (Slovakia).
  • 2010 Research project reviewer Der Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Austria).
  • 2000 Chair of Review Panel for MMus Composition for Screen, Royal College of Music.
  • 2005–6 and 2011–12 Member of organizing committees for the Biennial International Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conferences held at Durham in 2006 and Edinburgh in 2012.
  • 2005–6 One of three organizers of 14th Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music (Manchester, 2006).
  • 2004–7 Steering committee (one of three), Manchester Centre for Music in Culture, day conferences.
  • 2003 Royal Musical Association 36th Annual Research Students’ Conference, Salford, 9–11 January.
  • 1995 Goodbye Great Music? The first UK Critical Musicology Conference, Salford, 1–2 April. Some seventy delegates were present, representing over thirty different universities in the UK, Europe and North America.

External Examining

University College Bretton Hall, 1995–97; Leeds College of Music, 1996–98; University of Derby, 1997–99; Oxford Brookes University (MA), 1998–2000; Brunel University, 1999–2001; University of the Highlands and Islands, 1999–2003; University of Southampton, 2000–2004; City University (London), 2002–4; National Institute of Education, Singapore (MA), 2004; University of Ulster 2005–9, Queen’s Belfast 2009–.

PhD Examining

University of Edinburgh, 1994; University of Leeds, 1996; University College Bretton Hall, 1996; Strathclyde University, 1999; University of Southampton, 2000; University of Central England, 2002; City University (London), 2002; Southern Cross University (Australia), 2003; Rhodes University, Grahamstown (South Africa), 2003, University of Leeds, 2003; University of Birmingham [MPhil], 2005; University of Oxford [D.Litt], 2005, University of Westminster, 2005, University of Leeds, 2005, University of Cardiff, 2006, University of Durham, 2006, University of Westminster, 2007, University of Wales, Bangor, 2007, University of Durham, 2007, University of London, 2007, University of Liverpool [MPhil], 2007, University of York, 2007; University of Ulster, 2008; University of Durham, 2008; City University, 2008; University of Nottingham, 2008; University of Ulster, 2010; City University, 2010; University of Oslo, 2011; EUI Florence, 2011; City University, 2012; Brunel University, 2012; Goldsmiths, 2012.

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

Current Research Students

  • James Félix, “Fado, Authenticity, and Portuguese National Identity.”
  • Nikos Ordoulidis, “Vasilis Tsitsanis as Composer and Performer.”
  • Xiao Ping Lu, “Han National Culture and the Guqin.”
  • Jessica Walker, “The Opera Singer in Contemporary Britain.”

Past Research Students

  • Jesus Bello, Portfolio of Compositions and Critical Evaluation.
  • Robin Dewhurst (DMA), Portfolio of Compositions and Arrangements.
  • Ian Dobie, “The Impact of New Technologies and the Internet on the Music Industry, 1997–2001.”
  • Peter Graham, Portfolio of Published Compositions and Critical Evaluation.
  • Tommy Harrison, “Van Halen: Changes in Their Stylistic Development as a Result of Shifts in the Music Industry, and a Critical Look at the Impact on Their Audience, 1978–1986.”
  • Nigel Horne (MPhil), Portfolio of Compositions and Critical Evaluation.
  • David King (DMA), Portfolio of Performances and Recordings.
  • Erik Knudsen, Portfolio of Films and a Critical Evaluation.
  • Roy Newsome, “The 19th-Century Brass Band in Northern England: Musical and Social Factors in the Development of a Major Amateur Musical Medium.”
  • Beate Peter, “Jung on the Dance Floor.”
  • Xiao Yan Qin, “The Chinese Government’s Culture and Arts Policy, and the International Exchange of Performing Arts, 1949–2005.”
  • Sharadai Rambarran, “Postmodern Strategies in British Popular Music since 1999.”
  • Lauren Redhead, “Relational Aesthetics: A Practice-Led Investigation into Their Ontological Basis.”
  • Nicola Smith, “Performing Fandom on the British Northern Soul Scene: Competition, Identity and the Post-Subcultural Self.”
  • Young Mi Song, “Korean Municipal Orchestras: Current problems and Future Prospects.”
  • Nicola Spelman, “All the Madmen: Popular Music, Anti-Psychiatry, and the Myths of Madness.”
  • Tim Warner, Portfolio of Publications on the Impact of Audio Technology on Popular Music and Critical Evaluation.
  • Christian Weaver, “The Voice of the Drum in the Vision of the Dispossessed: Social Context, Musical Language and Participation in Cuban Rumba.”
  • Roger Webster, “New Developments in the Teaching of Trumpet Technique: A Psychomusicological Approach.”
  • Roxanne Yeganegy, “Aesthetic Experimentation and the Contemporary Boutique Festival: Participation, Enchantment and the Evolution of Audience Experience.”
  • Louisa Yong, “A Web-Based Audio Synthesis Resource: A Case Study in Manchester and Salford.”

PhD Thesis


PhD awarded for The Singing Bourgeois; see single-authored books.

MMus (2 yrs FT) awarded for original compositions and dissertation “The Symphonies of Arnold Bax” (1977).

Professional Practice

  • Professional experience on radio and television, and in concert hall and theatre; Equity card holder (1981–98). See TV and radio broadcasts.
  • Conductor of contemporary chamber orchestra, Kanon (1973–77).
  • Toured extensively with vocal ensemble Voices in Concert (1978–90)
  • Toured in 1995 with Salford Soundworks (electro-acoustic ensemble) and the Norwegian composers’ group Ny Musikk (Hamar, London, Manchester, Oslo, Rekjavík).
  • Ex-member of Hull Truck Theatre; principal performer in London premiere of jazz opera Prez by Bernie Cash and Alan Plater, 1985.

Educational Development

  • 1997–99 CD ROM on assessment strategies in popular music performance funded by FDTL (Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning).
  • 2000–01 Member of Quality Assurance Agency’s Academic Standards Benchmarking Group for Music and co-author (with others) of QAA music benchmarks document.
  • 2004 Chair and joint organizer of two workshops, Quality Standards &Enhancement Conference, UHI, Aviemore, Scotland, 2–3 September.

Widening Participation

  • 2004–6 Co-ordinator of ESF funded project: Gender and the Digital Creative Industries.
  • 2002–4 Member of ESF funded project: Gender and the Music Industry.

Enterprise and Knowledge Transfer

  • 2009 Public interview and Q&A session with Slavoj Žižek relating to the work of Richard Wagner, Howard Assembly Room, Opera North, Leeds, Tuesday, 10 Mar.
  • 2009 Invited research seminars (2): Theory and Method in Popular Musicology, University of Tampere (Finland), 11–12 May.
  • 2008 Minstrelsy and Ballads, presentation and performance, A Municipal Musical Miscellany, CCCH, Leeds, September. (Celebrating sesqui-centenary of Leeds Town Hall.)
  • 2003–6 Member of ESF funded Freeflow project to showcase student performance on the Internet.

Other EKT related activities

  • 2006 Consultant and performer for Three Kings at War, Channel 4 Television, Lion TV production (first broadcast 14 Dec.).
  • 2006 Invited to Virrat, to give two lectures and comment on research papers at the annual research retreat for music PhD students from the Finnish universities and the Sibelius Academy (June).
  • 2003 Invited to attend European Institutes of Liberal Arts Senior Managers’ Forum, Getty Research Centre, Los Angeles, 1–4 December.
  • 2000 Invited to present a morning lecture and lead an afternoon discussion on the theme of “The German Tradition vs. New Musicology vs. Critical Musicology,” Musicology Debate Week, Aalborg University (Denmark), November.


1999–2000   Participant in BBC Radio 4’s All the Rage, two programmes, 30 mins each.

2001     Participant in BBC Radio 4’s Moral Notes (music and morals), four programmes Jan–Feb, 30 mins each.

2001     Author and presenter of Prom Concert interval talk on musical crazes, BBC Radio 3 (5 Aug), 20 mins.

2002      Moral Notes rebroadcast Nov–Dec, BBC Radio 4

2009      Participant in Michael Rosen’s Oh My What A Rotten Song! (The Songs of Bob Weston and Bert Lee), BBC Radio 4, 1:30pm 16 and 20 June, 30 mins.

2009       Participant in Britain’s Other Music Hall—The Blackface Minstrels, BBC Radio 4, 10 Nov., 30 mins.

2009       Participant in “The Good Old Days?” (Feature on music hall), BBC Radio 3, 29 Nov., 45 mins.

2010       Participant in Piano Stool Beethovens (with Ian McMillan), BBC Radio 4, 16 Feb., 30 mins.

2010       Participant in Chopsticks at Dawn (with Anna Chen and Jonathan Walker), producer Chris Eldon Lee. BBC Radio 4, 8 Jun., 30 mins.

2011       Today programme on BBC Radio 4, discussing successful musical devices in Eurovision Song Contest, and playing and singing excerpts from his own “perfect” song. Sat. 14 May, 07:40. <http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_9485000/9485886.stm>

2011       Newshour on BBC World Service radio, discussing Eurovision. Sat. 14 May. <http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00gk5kp/Newshour_14_05_2011_%281300_GMT%29/>

2011       “As It Happens,” CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), 16/05/2011 (station broadcasting throughout Canada and the USA). <http://www.cbc.ca/video/news/audioplayer.html?clipid=1930215381>

2011        Participant in The Devil in Music (presented by film composer Christopher Young), producer Colin McNulty. BBC Radio 3, 19 November. 45 mins.

2011        Participant in programme on Thomas Hardy and music, presenter David Owen Norris, producer Elizabeth Burke. BBC Radio 4, 10 December. 30 mins.

Local radio interviews not included.


1985    One of the four principal singers in jazz opera Prez, the subject of Thames Television’s hour-long South Bank Show.

2005     Participant in Music for Everybody, BBC FOUR Television (8:10 PM, 8 Oct.), producer Andy King-Dabbs, One-hour documentary on British light music, 1945–55, following a one-hour concert programme from the Mermaid Theatre, London.

2006      Consultant and performer for Three Kings at War, Channel 4 Television, Lion TV production (9:00 PM, 14 Dec.). One-hour documentary on Queen Victoria’s relatives in the first quarter of the twentieth century.

2007       Three Kings at War rebroadcast, Channel 4 (7:00 PM, 12 May).

2009        Performer of “On the Road to Mandalay” used in feature-length film Under the Radar: Burma, Adventure Film Productions, Paris. <http://celebritydarwinism.com/burma.html>

2009         3 musical performances contributed to film Mapping the Moment: Performance Culture in Nottingham 1857–67 (dir. Emma Rayner). <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eqbIpb8YEg>

2010          Consultant for Sacred Music (Series Two) Programme 1: Brahms and Bruckner, Series Producer Helen Mansfield, BBC 4 (March).

2011           Two appearances on BBC Breakfast TV (08:55 & 09:20). (not online) BBC World News discussing Eurovision (14 May). (not online)

2011         Academic contributor and performer for The Story of Music Hall, presented by Michael Grade. BBC 4 (25 October). 90 minutes, feature length documentary. (Repeat broadcasts: 11:20 PM, 26 Oct., 10:00 PM, 12 Jan. 2012) <http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b016fn23/The_Story_of_Music_Hall_with_Michael_Grade/>

2012         Contributor to Titanic: A Commemoration in Music and Film, a mixture of music and documentary presented by John Humphrys. BBC 2 (90 mins) – talking about the Titanic’s band and the music played on board in April 1912. Sat., 14 Apr., 8:30 PM. <http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01g99m8/Titanic_A_Commemoration_in_Music_and_Film/>

2012         Academic contributor and performer for Len Goodman’s Dancing Feet, a documentary of ballroom dance produced by Roger Keech and Paul Greenan. BBC FOUR (Dec.)

2012          Academic contributor and performer for The One and Only Mrs Mills, a documentary of the popular pianist. BBC FOUR (Sep.)





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