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Wilson’s PhD performance project tests noise thesis

August 28th, 2013

A MULTI-ROOM performance work, representing the culmination of a PhD project, will be staged on campus next month when a new work AfterMath{s} aims to ‘challenge the notion that noise is an undesirable part of our lives’.

Dan Wilson, a doctoral candidate in the School of Music, has conceived an original live piece which will invite audience members to move through a number of spaces as they experience the event, to be presented at 5-7 Lifton Place, University of Leeds, on 26 and 27 September 2013.

Says the composer: ‘The work is spread across three rooms in a single house, with both performers and audience members being asked to move through the spaces in a specific way.’

He continues: ‘The sound produced within the rooms and by specific performers can be controlled in real time and through the use of delays in such a way that an audience member in one room might hear the music being performed in another room rather than their own, and a performer may hear music that they performed at the start of the piece being played back to them at the end.’

Wilson says that in his research, he has often come across the idea that true noise is something that is ‘unknowable’. He explains that ‘while this is something that is often considered when I write music, AfterMath{s} presents a unique situation in which no single person is able to experience every aspect of the piece and it is thus quite literally unknowable.’

Tickets for AfterMath{s} are free, but due to the nature of the piece, spaces are very limited and audience members need to be present throughout the two hour work.

To reserve tickets please email aftermathsinfo@gmail.com stating the date and number required. For event updates including performance times please visit the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/638207982857335/?fref=ts

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