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MA Electronic and Computer Music – Optional Modules

We look forward to seeing you in the School of Music in September 2017. Before you arrive you need to chose and, where appropriate, enroll on a full 180 credits for your course. Our MA Electronic and Computer Music programme includes two areas of choice for those on it:


Choose one of the following two 60-credit modules in the area of Electronic and Computer Music

If you wish to undertake a large practice-led research project exploring an area of electronic and computer music you could take MUSS5661M Electronic and Computer Music Portfolio as your major module. You will be involved in the development of practical work, which may be linked to the exploration of performance practice and composition through electronic instruments, reconstruction of existing electronic music works, or investigation of interactions between electronic devices, computer software and musicians.

Alternatively, your major module could be MUSS5162M Dissertation, offering you the chance to produce an extended piece of written work on an aspect of electronic and computer music. This would enable you to undertake research into an aspect of electronic and computer music history, theory, application or practice, leading to an essay of 13,500-16,500 words.


Choose one of the following 30-credit modules to complete your 180 credits

Optional Modules in the Area of Musicology

There are a range of optional modules in various aspects of musicology. If there is a particular subject area about which you would like to write an extended essay you could take MUSS5132M or MUSS5133M Short Dissertation, which would involve writing an essay of 6,000-8,000 words on a topic agreed with the module leader. Students are supported in their independent study by a staff supervisor. A podcast is available below.

Alternatively, you could link a personal study to one of our undergraduate modules through MUSS3130, MUSS3131 or MUSS3132 Individual Project. A podcast is available below.

If you are interested in transcribing and editing music from original sources you could consider taking MUSS5430M Editing and Archival Studies as your optional module. The course considers problems of reading, understanding, and interpreting source materials, and guidance is given on how to locate collections appropriate to student’s research interests.

If the philosophy of music is one of your interests you could fill your optional credits with MUSS5535M Aesthetic Theory. The module, which features a significant amount of class discussion, looks at contemporary trends in aesthetic thought and the ways in which those modes of thought can be applied, particularly, to music. A podcast is available below.

If the broad study of musicology is an interest you might consider taking MUSS5130M Issues in Musicology as your optional module. The course focuses on a range of recent theoretical work by prominent scholars associated with a variety of viewpoints in current musicology and musical culture.


Optional Module in the Area of Composition

If you are interested in composition, you could consider taking MUSS5231M Composition Studies, which allows students to undertake a project in an area of compositional study negotiated with the module tutor. A podcast is available below.


Optional Modules in the Area of Performance

If you wish to continue with performance you could consider MUSS5330M Instrumental or Vocal Recital or, if you would prefer to focus on a single extended work, MUSS5335M Concerto/Song-Cycle/Extended Work.

If you would like to take some performance but not undertake a solo recital you might consider MUSS5337M Applied Performance Studies, in which students identify and implement a solo or ensemble performance project related to their repertoire interests or career goals.

Pre-Requisite for all optional modules in the area of performance: These modules are only available to experienced performers, and anyone wishing to take them must provide a DVD recording of them playing to demonstrate that they are of the required standard. If you wish to take one of these modules you must supply your DVD no later than Monday 21 August. It is not possible to enrol on these modules directly – enrollment of suitable students will be completed by the School of Music.


Optional Module in the Area of the Applied Psychology of Music

If you have an interest in music psychology you might consider taking MUSS5931M Case Studies in the Applied Psychology of Music to fill your optional 30 credits. Please note that this module involves a significant amount of class discussion, and all students on the module (including those taking it as an optional module) are expected to contribute actively in seminar sessions. A podcast is available below.



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