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School of Music

Music Research Seminar: Seth Josel

Innovations in Contemporary Guitar Technique: A book presentation

This week’s research seminar in Lecture Theatre 1 of the School of Music will take place at 4.30pm on Thursday 4th December.

The speaker is Seth Josel (guitarist).


Seth F. Josel, a pioneering guitarist, and composer Ming Tsao have collaboratively written an overdue book of contemporary techniques for the classical guitar. The virtuosity of a new generation of soloists is acknowledged which, through their extraordinary skills, have paved the way to a new understanding of instrumental performance practice. Detailed explanations of what is technically possible on the instrument are presented and contextualized historically in relation to traditional guitar technique.

In this presentation, Josel sets out some of the main examples of guitar writing in contemporary chamber and ensemble musical settings, also showing the diverse ways in which contemporary music for the guitar has been notated.

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