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Music Research Seminar: Richard Glover

Seminar Title: Notational developments in music of gradual process


Lecture Theatre 1, School of Music

The speaker is Richard Glover (University of Wolverhampton)


This paper will explore the compositional methodologies of gradual process within my recent music through the lens of evolving notational approaches. The discussion will situate the work within traditions of experimentalism and reductionism in the arts, bringing in concepts and ideologies from relevant creators’ work to provide frameworks for critical dialogue. The paper will examine how underlying compositional concepts in the music are intrinsically tied to resultant notational formats, and how one may inform the other. Issues surrounding performance such as ensemble interaction, instrumental mechanics, and memory will also be introduced in order to understand their impact upon notational and instructional decision-making. Finally, the role of notation within the creator-performer relationship is investigated further, so as to provide new perspectives on working practices and suggest potential avenues for future work.

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