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School of Music

Music Research Seminar: Lauren Redhead

Dual Roles and Split Personalities: Undertaking Practice-Led Research in Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Contexts

This week’s research seminar in Lecture Theatre 1 of the School of Music will take place at 4.30pm on Thursday 20th November.

The speaker is Dr Lauren Redhead (Canterbury Christ Church University).



Practice-led researchers are required to deal with the research contexts of universities and the professional contexts of creative practice simultaneously in their work. This requires them to take on a dual role of practitioner-researcher and to address the presence of dualities in their work; indeed, Barbara Bolt (2010) describes practice-led research as a ‘dialogical relationship between making and writing’.
In this presentation I will explore some of these dualities within collaborative and interdisciplinary work—both research and creative practice—undertaken in a number of recent projects. These include pieces that use graphic notation to invite performer collaboration or dialogue in decisions about the sounding result of the music (work for 1, 2, 3 or 4 saxophones (2013) written for BL!NDMAN saxes, and entoptic landscape (2013) for trombone, four tubas and organ); music written in response to historical and present-day research in another discipline, namely: x-ray crystallography (a common method (2013-14) written for the Clothworkers Consort of Leeds); and works which explore relationships between music and visual art and musicians and visual artists (/’(h)weTH for fixed media sound, video, installation and live instrument (2012) and the exchange.practice installation (2014)).
By presenting the research and practice components of these projects alongside an evaluation of the assessment of their extrinsic collaborative aspects, I will explore their success as intrinsic collaborations between practice and research.

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