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Music Research Seminar: Jacopo Gianninoto


Seminar Title: Lute Music in Context

Lecture Theatre 1, School of Music

The speaker is Jacopo Gianninoto (Assumption University of Thailand)

Starting from a background in Lute studies and “historical performance practice” combined with contemporary improvisation and composition, Jacopo Gianninoto‘s performing research is based on the current state of so-called “classical music” in the post-era of the mechanical reproduction of the art-work. This is taken to the extreme with current modes of communication, and the need to find different approaches to performance. Importance is also given to the extemporary creation of music and unique performances, as opposed to recorded music and more standardized performances.

A series of collaborative performances with choreographers, visual artists, writers, physical theatre practitioners and photographers gave birth to several multi-disciplinary projects, including Renaissance Redux, Herometic, Lux In Tenebris, the Giordano Bruno Project and Mythos. These projects combine varied explorations of musical research with images, animations, texts, theatre pieces, and dance, in a continuous search for movement, and for the uniqueness of the artwork being performed. The objective is to explore different approaches to performing music in the contemporary world, maintaining the very nature of art music while avoiding being relegated to the equivalent of a museum.

This paper will provide an analysis of how to use Renaissance and Baroque improvisation forms in a contemporary music context, and a detailed discussion of the methodology required for the development of such specific skills.

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