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Music Research Seminar: Elaine King

Research seminar

Seminar Title: Performers’ Perspectives on ‘Feel’ in Music



Lecture Theatre 1, School of Music

The speaker is Elaine King (University of Hull)


This presentation will examine the concept of ‘feel’, specifically to explore the ways in which ensemble musicians in the Western art tradition describe how they ‘feel’ music during performance. Existing musicological and other discourses indicate that performers might ‘feel’ music through relationships with the body (Clarke & Davidson 1998; Wanderley & Vines 2006), emotions (C. P. E. Bach [1853] 1949; Blacking 1973), music interpretation (Sudnow 2002; Le Guin 2006), gestures (King & Ginsborg 2011) as well as via socio-cultural and environmental influences (Davidson 2005; Moran 2013). The findings of an interview study with professional wind and string players will be discussed with reference to issues of embodiment and touch in ensemble performance.

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