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Cante, Ritmo y Baile de Latinoamerica: Celebrating a continent’s love for dance

Mestisa: Tenley Martin (percussion) Ana Luisa Muñoz del Valle (vocals, guitar) Barbara Kempf (vocals, guitar) Mike Sandell (bass) plus guests

Amongst the folk music cultures of Latin America, concepts of cante (song), ritmo (rhythm) and baile (dance) are all intricately linked with every day life. In this concert, Yorkshire-based Latin American folk quartet, Mestisa, with the help of special guests, will celebrate a potpourri of those traditions that typically interweave these three intricate aspects of music culture.

Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, School of Music, University of Leeds
Tickets: £12
 / £10 advance booking saver Free students and children under 16

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