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#Algorave Assembly, organised by the School of Music’s Operations Manager, Dan Merrick, is a day that brings together invited speakers and performers operating at the forefront of the Algorave scene.

Live coding masterclasses, panel discussion, and Concert Hall performance and keynotes will explore and disseminate the latest developments in this emerging form of musical practice.

A public lunchtime concert, featuring OFFAL and The Yorkshire Programming Ensemble (TYPE), aims to promote the concept of live coding and some of its related art forms, simultaneously online, and to a live Concert Hall audience:

OFFAL will perform using their bespoke live coding interface, Command Line, a system that enables performers to send each other high level musical instructions that are democratically voted in by all players. These instructions and their chat will be displayed on the Concert Hall’s giant 8m screen.

TYPE will use a shared text editor, Troop, which allows performers to write code together and collaboratively create an improvised piece of electronic music using the live coding environment, FoxDot.

OFFAL is an international collective of women laptop performers who devise performances involving multi‐location collaborative improvisation. The group was formed in 2015 in response to research around gender in digital technology and laptop ensemble practice.

The Yorkshire Programming Ensemble (TYPE) is a collection of humans, Lucy Cheesman, Laurie Johnson, and Ryan Kirkbride, that meet IRL (in real life), and URL (online), and enjoy exploring rhythmic music in a collaborative virtual space and generally making a lot of noise.

The day concludes with a spectacular, livestreamed Algorave in the School of Music’s new Concert Hall Foyer venue, and features live coding by Belisha Beacon, co34ptJoanne, Renick Bell, TYPE, Yaxu, visuals by RITUALS and Coral Manton, and experimental and breakbeat DJ’ing by NikNak, DJ Linkz + guests.

Full details to be announced in spring 2018.

#AlgoraveAssembly is a featured event in Leeds Digital Festival 2018

With generous support from the Centre for Practice-Led Research in the Arts (CePRA)


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