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AES Seminar: John Watkinson – ‘Loudspeaker Design – Tradition verses Science’

AES Fellow, John Watkinson is Author of the industry bible “The Art of Digital Audio” and has also written a column in every issue of Resolution Magazine. In his lecture at Leeds John will be exploring “Loudspeaker Design: Tradition versus Science” Despite enormous progress in understanding how the human auditory system works, most present day loudspeakers cling to outmoded and discredited techniques that have not changed in decades.

The availability of advanced materials and design tools means that the task of advanced speaker design has never been easier, but the necessary steps simply are not taken. This presentation will look at the criteria for accurate sound reproduction and will show that these criteria can be met. Demonstrations of some alternative loudspeaker designs will be given.

Location: University of Leeds, School of Music, Lecture Theatre 1, 12 Cavendish Road, LS2 9JT, Leeds

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