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AES Seminar: Peter Eastty – ‘DSP – Why so hard?’

On 15th November the AES welcomes Peter Eastty, who is still working in Digital Audio after an impressive 42 years.

Peter started his career at Electronic Music Studios (EMS) in London and then went onto work at Pierre Boulez’s IRCAM, Systems Concepts, and SSL, where

he was invited to start the digital mixing console project at Solid State Logic in Oxford and went onto develop an integrated software/hardware approach to real-time digital signal processing which was later to become the basis for successful DSP based audio products for SSL, Oxford Digital and SONY.

In 1988 Peter started Oxford Digital Limited, having travelled to Japan to secure a long duration contract to design digital hardware, software, and consoles for SONY.

After thirteen years as Chief Consultant Engineer at SONY Oxford, Pro-Audio R&D he started the new Oxford Digital with John Richards where he has been designing hardware, silicon and software for a range of companies unprofessional and consumer audio areas.

In his lecture, Peter presents – ‘DSP –Why so Hard? If you’ve ever wondered why audio DSP programming is so hard when the algorithms are so simple, this is the place for you.

Hundreds of strange and wonderful audio processors have been developed over the past four decades and the presenter has struggled with dozens of them. In order to learn from our mistakes this master class will tour examples of gross bad practice (suitably anonymized to protect the guilty) and in doing so we’ll extract some general principles useful to those who will design audio DSPs in the future.

As a practical example of what can be achieved, we’ll go from simulator based algorithm development to listening to production quality code in a matter of minutes.

Location: University of Leeds, School of Music, Lecture Theatre 1, 12 Cavendish Road, LS2 9JT, Leeds

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