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AES Seminar: Inaugural Launch – Roger Quested – Point One Pitfalls, Monitoring For Surround Mixing Explained

Roger Quested will use his vast knowledge of the world’s top studios and recordings to explain how best to make your studio monitoring produce the best possible surround mixes.  Demonstrating on the Company’s own Quested 5.1 V3110 System, he will discuss: –

i) Positioning of speakers and subwoofers,

ii) The LFE channel and how best to integrate subwoofers into your system and environment, and

iii) Common mistakes to be avoided.  With world-leading experience of surround systems, working with such names as Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Pearl Harbour, The Dark Knight), Hackenbacker Studios (Downton Abbey, Spooks, Shaun Of The Dead)and Trevor Horn, this will be a chance to understand the complex monitoring elements that affect all studio environments hoping to maximise their surround mixes.

Roger Quested began his career at London’s Olympic Studios, where he worked with Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, before moving to Morgan Studios, and engineering recordings for Cat Stevens, Jethro Tull,  John Denver, The Kinks, Pink Floyd and more.  When he took over the management of DJM studios in the early eighties, he pursued his passion for accurately replay audio by developing a soft-dome monitor system that would deliver the high sound pressure levels demanded by clients with a clarity surpassing that only previously available in the best Hi-Fi speakers of the time. These monitors quickly established themselves as a firm favourite with visiting engineers and producers.

Requests from other recording complexes to design similar monitors for them started to arrive, the first being from London’s Rooster Studios, a facility and monitoring system still going strong. Demand grew to such an extent that Roger decided to take the plunge and started Quested Monitoring Systems.  Quested’s soft-dome designs have been imitated the world over but never equalled. To this day Roger continues to develop new monitor designs while maintaining close working relationships with engineers, producers, studios, driver manufacturers and electronics designers to produce the finest studio monitors in the world.

Quested Monitoring Systems goes from strength-to-strength and has recently enjoyed significant sales growth with the introduction of the 3-way V3110 Reference monitor.  New generations of audio professionals are appreciating that Quested’s accurate, neutral designs help them make a better end product, whether it is music or film, and for any genre.

Location: University of Leeds, School of Music, Lecture Theatre 1, 12 Cavendish Road, LS2 9JT, Leeds

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