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Music and social bonding

Research Colloquium: Is music an evolutionary adaptation for social bonding?

25th January 2018, 4.30pm6.30pm

Jacques Launay (Brunel University London) discusses the important role music can play in social bonding.

December 2017

Bach, Art of Fugue

Research Colloquium: J. S. Bach's 'The Art of Fugue'

1st February 2018, 4.30pm6.30pm

Daniel Herscovitch (Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney) explores and performs excerpts from one of J. S. Bach's greatest masterpieces.

Kerry Hagan presentation

Research Colloquium: Collaboration and composing with new musical algorithms

8th February 2018, 4.30pm6.30pm

Kerry L Hagan (University of Limerick) speaks about collaborating with Miller Puckette from the composer's perspective

Research Colloquium: John Cunningham - Charles Dibdin at Leeds

15th February 2018, 4.30pm6.00pm

John Cunningham (Bangor University) explores the Charles Dibdin autographs in the Brotherton Library's Freemantle Collection.

Research Colloquium: Group behaviours as music

22nd February 2018, 4.30pm6.30pm

James Saunders (Open Scores Lab, Bath Spa University) explores the musical potential of the social behaviour of groups

Research Colloquium: Uses of the past in branding musical artists

1st March 2018, 4.30pm6.30pm

Daragh OReilly (University of Sheffield) discusses the importance of the past in branding popular music acts.

Schubert Song Series III

3rd March 2018, 7.30pm9.30pm

To draw our Schubert series to a close, BBC New Generation Artist, bass-baritone Ashley Riches performs the great non-cycle, Schubert’s Schwanengesang alongside what many label the genre’s first song-cycle, Beethoven’s hymn to a distant beloved.


Research Colloquium: Hidden musicians, cosmopolitan connections, dominant jazz histories

8th March 2018, 4.30pm6.30pm

Tony Whyton (Birmingham City University) recently opened a box from his family archive that led to rethinking of jazz history....