Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

School of Music

Music Research Seminar: Gretchen Larsen

Pushing the Boundaries: Groupies and the Trangression of Fandom

This week’s research seminar in Lecture Theatre 1 of the School of Music will take place at 4.30pm on Thursday 27th November.

The speaker is Dr Gretchen Larsen (University of Durham).



What exactly does it mean to be a ‘consumer’ as opposed to a ‘buyer’, ‘citizen’, or ‘person’? We can see these tensions play out in our engagement with products, such as music, where people draw on mental prototypes (Batra, Ahuvia and Bagozzi 2012) such as ‘audience member’, ‘collector’, ‘fan’ to inform, form and give meaning, and to understand the norms of their musical engagement. These mental prototypes can however mask some of the more innovative and challenging forms of engagement. In this paper we explore how music groupies transgress, and therefore push the boundaries of music fandom.

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