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Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions

Practice-Changing Research among a World-Wide Community of Music Makers

CHASE has its own project website

This major AHRC-funded research project involved research into 19th- and early 20th-century annotated editions of string music (bibliographical problems, editorial content and implications for performance practice).  Many of the editions have been digitally archived and are available online at the project website. This publicly-accessible research features many new transcriptions of string music as a result of Professor Clive Brown’s AHRC project. The four-year project (2008-2012) created a database of 19th-century performing editions of string chamber music, together with analysis and contextualization of the material. Professor Brown continues to advise a variety of end-users on matters relating to historical performance practice, including professional and amateur musicians, ensembles, conductors, record producers and music publishers.

Principal investigator: Prof. Clive Brown (Leeds)

Co-investigator: Prof. Robin Stowell (Cardiff)

Research fellows (2009-2012): Dr David Milsom (Leeds/Huddersfield), Duncan Druce (Leeds)

Honorary Research Fellow: Dr. Ilias Devetzoglou (Leeds)

Research assistant (2009-2012): Dr. George Kennaway (Leeds)

Peter Collyer has worked with the project as an AHRC-funded PhD student (2009-2012). His thesis is entitled ‘”Leipzig School” Editors and Editions of String Music c. 1840-1930’.

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